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We make it effortless to deliver goods to your customers using professional delivery drivers and technology.

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Sometimes your favorite motard is nearby, but most of the time he is not. That causes delivery delays. Vanoma riders arrive to you within 10 to 15 minutes of requesting a delivery.

Customer experience

You question the professionalism of regular motards. With our vetted delivery drivers and a dedicated customer support team, we always treat your customers with respect and professionally.

100% Guarantee

You deliver products yourself because they are too valuable to use a regular motard. We can save you time and hussle. We'll refund 100% of the package’s value if anything goes wrong.

How it works

Vanoma enables sellers in Kigali, Rwanda, to deliver to their customers quickly and reliably. Perfect for retail products, home goods, groceries, and more.

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3. Follow progress

Use our real-time delivery tracking technology to follow progress.

Pickup From

G ltd (0788348456)

Kigali Heights (KG 7 AVE, GASABO)

12:16 PM - 12:31 PM

Deliver To


Nyamirambo (NYARUGENGE)

Delivery events
  • Delivery requested
  • Driver assigned
  • Going to pick-up
  • Arrived at pick-up
  • Package picked Up
  • Going to drop-off
  • Arrived at drop-off
  • Package delivered

Developer API

Integrate your online store with our delivery infrastructure through a developer-friendly API.

See API documentation
    "packages": [
        "size": "MEDIUM",
        "toContact": {
          "phoneNumberOne": "250788112233",
          "name": "John",
        "toAddress": {
          "houseNumber": "12",
          "streetName": "KG 32 ST",
          "latitude": -1.94995,
          "longitude": 30.05885,
          "isDefault": true,

Cash collection

Give your customers more options to pay. We collect cash from your customers free of charge.

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Pick the pricing that fits your business needs. We offer predictable and transparent prices.

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